You’re With Me

Beyond Instagram and Snapchat, the funky bars and coffeeshops, bizarre stories and crazy adventures. Beyond the sexy shine of freedom, the solo travel lifestyle can get lonely. I hear it a lot…

“Well, at least you can pick up and go whenever you want…” or “Must be nice!”

We all make our own choices in life and one of the most important things to take to heart as an adult is that — in any life — beyond the flash and the fun, there are tough times too. I try to write the truth — about the tough times, about the lame times, about the scary and the lonely times.

What gets me through those tough times is you.

I want you to know I carry you along with me everywhere I go.

For all the times I wish you were here, for all the times I wish we could go back and drink too much and stay out too late again, all the times I want to text you but it’s 3AM and you’re in bed or up with the baby. I know that things change, and we change, but don’t think I’ve forgotten you. I think of you more times than you’ll ever know.

It’s all the random things I see that remind me of you —  and no one else would get.  Every time I go to a public restroom and think of your squatting over a toilet story (person who shall forever remain nameless).

Long road trips filled with inappropriate signage… (Lion’s Den, TMI, the Georgia Peach Pass).

Seeing the most perfectly formed dog turd in the world (it looked just like the poop emoji sans eyes) on the fort steps in Puerto Rico and knowing exactly which three people needed to know about it immediately.

This page is for you. My memories. Our memories. The things that keep me going, and the things that remind me of you.

Know you are here with me, and know that I love you. All of you.

To my friends. Cheers!

(Last updated 6.23.2017)