Oh my, Omaha!

I went to Omaha with as clean a slate as one probably could. I knew virtually nothing about the state aside from the fact that the Cornhuskers are also in the Big Ten with my Buckeyes. And, well, that was pretty much it. Granted I still don’t know much more, but I am happy to report I enjoyed my time there and left feeling like there were still … Continue reading Oh my, Omaha!

capitol building


Friday 2.24.17 On the way to Austin.I had a tough time pulling myself out of bed this morning at 5AM. I typically don’t sleep too well before a trip, especially one that starts early. I wake every few hours afraid that the 3 or 4 alarms I’ve set won’t go off and I’ll miss my flight à la Olympic runner Jean Paul in Seinfeld. No … Continue reading Austin