Oh my, Omaha!

I went to Omaha with as clean a slate as one probably could. I knew virtually nothing about the state aside from the fact that the Cornhuskers are also in the Big Ten with my Buckeyes. And, well, that was pretty much it. Granted I still don’t know much more, but I am happy to report I enjoyed my time there and left feeling like there were still … Continue reading Oh my, Omaha!

Art, wine, & beer – a simple Sunday in Columbus

I awoke Sunday morning with a random urge to get out and do something in the city. I enjoy a good museum visit from time to time so when I pulled up the Columbus Museum of Art (CMOA) website and discovered that Sundays were free, my day quickly took shape before I’d even gotten out of bed. On my way downtown I stopped for Starbucks … Continue reading Art, wine, & beer – a simple Sunday in Columbus