Something New

This page is simple. I am making it a priority and intention to do and recognize three new things every week. Big or small, whether I ever do it again or not, I want to always be growing, changing, moving onward.

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”
~ Robin Sharma

“People are very open-minded about new things – as long as they’re exactly like the old ones.”
~ Charles Kettering


Goal: Do a minimum of 3 new things (big or small) every week.

Week 1

– Watched the fireworks over the Las Vegas strip from the rooftop of the Hard Rock Cafe for New Year’s Eve.

– Visited Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

– Went to First Friday in the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas.

– Explored Boulder Beach and Hoover Dam.

Week 2

– Visited CraftHaus brewery in Henderson Nevada.

– Checked out Sambalatte coffeeshop.

– Drove the Red Rock scenic loop in the rain — incredible to see the difference in the landscape in the gray, fog and rain.

– Drove through Valley of Fire State Park.

Week 3

– Drove out to see the Seven Magic Mountains art exhibition south of Las Vegas


Goal: Do one new thing (big or small) every day.

*Note — I crashed and burned miserably when I got laid off. But I wanted to leave the months of success here as a reminder to myself and you that we’re all human. We do the best we can, when we can.

July 14

Got laid off my full-time job. Hell. I need to put 100% energy into figuring out what to do next. I’m still learning new shit. It’s just more about applying for freelance gigs and learning new skills. Don’t you worry … I’m going to figure some things out and I’ll be back with a vengeance.

July 7
LA Dodgers game.

July 6
Explored the Getty Center and Santa Monica Pier.

July 5
Figured out how to make a basic iMovie video and upload to YouTube.

July 4
Drank Carlos’s killer homemade margaritas and chillin’ on a bridge watching fireworks as far as the eye could see across the skyline.

July 3
Korean karaoke in LA along with so many other firsts: cold noodles, little Tokyo, mochi ice cream, Japanese cucumbers, and much more!

July 2
Traveled through New Mexico.

July 1
Went to San Antonio for the first time and saw the Alamo.

June 30 
Boarded the Texas Eagle train – final stop Los Angeles. Also, saw the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

June 29

June 28

June 27

June 26
Checked out Old North Arcade.

June 25
Went hiking in Hocking Hills and checked out Upper Falls, Cedar Falls and Old Man’s Cave.

June 24
Finished blazing through Write. Publish. Repeat. So good I sent my sister and a friend copies to check out.

June 23
Went and did some work/writing at Hidden Lakes Winery. Great, cozy atmosphere even in a downpour.

June 22
Wrote a solid first draft for my post about Omaha. That’s the soonest I’ve ever gotten a post drafted up so far. Less than a week since the trip. Progress!

June 21
Started editing a friend’s novel. I’m enjoying the difference from editing fiction and my day job editing content.

June 20
Started James Altucher’s “Idea Machine” concept. Generating 10 ideas a day is hard!

June 19
Tried cauliflower (tater) tots. They were delicious … but then I found out they had wheat in them. 🙁

June 18
Spent the afternoon and evening with family at my brother’s house eating, relaxing and playing board games.

June 17
Stopped at the World’s Largest Truck Stop in Iowa for a 10-minute power nap followed by a cup of coffee.

June 16
Checked out the shenanigans at the opening night festivities for the College World Series.

June 15
Went to a reading by one of my favorite writers in the world, David Sedaris, at The Bookworm.

June 14
Drove to Lincoln on a whim after work to see what there was to see.

June 13
Tried couchsurfing for the first time and ended up making a great new friend.

June 12
Found a really cute little coffee shop/church/bookstore/fair trade gift shop called Urban Abbey to work from. Super friendly nice people and totally let you be yourself in there.

June 11
Walked over the Missouri river via the Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge into Iowa and back.

June 10
Had the best brisket and barbecue sauce of my life.

June 9
Found Lagunitas Aunt Sally at a grocery store. Promptly only bought one six pack even though my friend suggested I buy more. “I’ll just come back I said … ” Never did.

June 8
Went to an Omaha Storm Chasers game.

June 7
I suck and didn’t remember to record something here.

June 6
Helped my sister set up a blog to publish some of her short story pieces.

June 5

June 4

June 3

June 2
Took my mum (who virtually never drinks) to a winery for her birthday … and she enjoyed it! 🙂

June 1

May 31

May 30
Tinkered around with learning video editing software.

May 29
Read The Princess Bride.

May 28
Finished reading The Girl on the Train.

May 27
Slept until 2:30PM, ate food and went back to bed until 6:30PM. Late nights and early mornings for work combined with the time change took a LOT out of me this trip.

May 26
Experienced possibly the worst turbulence of my life so far but safely made it through. Scared but used @melrobbins anchor thought & 5 second rule to get through it.

May 25
Bought a plane ticket one day out.

May 24
Took in the view from Kerry Park and walked around Queen Anne neighborhood.

May 23
Visited the Chihuly Gardens and Glass, the Space Needle, and the Museum of Pop Culture.

May 22
Did a harbor tour and visited the Seattle Aquarium.

May 21
Set foot in Washington state and went to a Mariners game.

May 20
Traveled through North Dakota, Montana and Idaho.

May 19
First bus and train trip in the U.S. Greyhound from Columbus to Chicago and Amtrak Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle. New state today: Minnesota.

May 18
Finished book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.”

May 17
Took advantage of a new opportunity at work and reached out for advice and a growth opportunity.

May 16
Booked a Greyhound ticket … exciting new trip coming up very soon!

May 15
Went to trivia night with my parents and sister!

May 14
Started off my morning relaxing with a book in Piedmont Park.

May 13
Walked around exploring midtown and downtown Atlanta.

May 12
Went to a collegiate track and field event

May 11
Stopped on my way home from the gym and took a walk down a lane by old covered bridge I’ve passed by many times.

May 10
Got over my fear of rejection and finally submitted a guest post to another blog.

May 9
Took a Rhumba dance lesson.

May 8
Won trivia at Brewdog! Woohoo, go team!

May 7
Got stuck in traffic on 71 so got off and took back roads. Wound up on Main Street in “Somewhere” Kentucky and took the CW Bailey Bridge over the Ohio River instead of 71 like I’ve always done.

May 6
Drank beer in school! Spent the evening at Campus No. 805 (formerly a middle school) in Huntsville, AL and enjoyed great beer from Straight to Ale and Yellowhammer. Dined on wood fired pizza at Earth and Stone and enjoyed their incredible Bourbon Butter Pecan “adult” ice cream!

May 5
Attended my first TBEX conference sessions. Spent the evening dining under a Saturn V rocket and visiting Space Camp.

May 4
Met tons of travel bloggers attending TBEX and visited A.M. Booth’s Lumberyard for an incredible atmosphere mixed with amazing food, drink and live music!

May 3
Set foot in Huntsville, Alabama.

May 2
Actually planned ahead and made homemade healthy snacks to pack for my trip to Alabama.

May 1
Went to trivia at Brewdog with my brother and his wife.

April 30
Tried roasted chickpeas for the first time. Yum!

April 29
Went to the gym for the 6th time in one week. That has definitely NEVER happened before!

April 28
Listened to Kenny Chesney’s Cosmic Hallelujah album for the first time.

April 27
Used my lunch break to go to the gym and get a workout in.

April 26
Had a craving for Einstein’s Bros Bagels so voluntarily joined the morning traffic to drive into downtown, have coffee and a sandwich and spend the morning working there.

April 25
Took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took my laptop down to Brewdog and spent the afternoon working from there.

April 24
Took my parents out to dinner and had a great conversation with them about the future.

April 23
Went for a Sunday drive for hours up and down back country roads. Wound up in Lancaster, OH and found my way back with very minimal GPS use.

April 22
Had a really great, deep conversation with one of my sisters-in-law. We’ve never connected like that before.

April 21
Had a really great, deep conversation with one of my brothers. We talked for hours on a whole variety of topics we’ve never actually sat down and discussed before.

April 20
Voluntarily got up at 6:30AM, got coffee and went for a walk in the park before work.