Some go chasing waterfalls …

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I woke up today and thought … “I need to see a waterfall, it’s been too long.” So I pulled up my GPS before getting out of bed and immediately shifted my Sunday plans. (Thats what weekends are for right?!)

I’m a big believer in listening to intuition and following my needs and today my needs were speaking loud and clear. I needed nature, water, peace and quiet. So after breakfast (or brunch … I slept in), I gassed up the car, fired up Spotify and hit the road!

Hocking Hills is less than an hour from Columbus yet I’ve never been. My older brother and his wife are very into to the outdoors and photography and have invited me to tag along several times but we could never get the dates right.

Today, I just wanted to be alone and in silence. They say some people recharge in crowds and some recharge by being alone. I’m definitely in the alone camp.

I tend to think that no matter how many amazing friends I make over the years in various places I’ll always need to travel alone. It’s become a part of my DNA. No questioning the group before stopping, starting, resting, eating. No reigning in my amazing (read: terrible) vocals as I sing along in the car at the top of my lungs. Just me. being me.

I think that gets forgotten in this world sometimes. We cling to other people to make up the other “half” of our world. Forgetting that we are whole human beings in our own right … and will always need to feed our own souls. Others can only supplement us, in the same way we can only supplement them.

This is what nature does to me. It recharges me and lets me just be … and think.

I loved today alone on the paths. I was an anomaly. Most people don’t go hiking alone. They go in pairs … or even groups of ten … decads?

But it gave me time to think. To breathe. To not speak, save for a random “Hello” here and there as I encountered others along my way. It gave me time to be me … just a simple recharging soul in the middle of nowhere.

From the time I parked until I got back on the highway 6 hours later I had no cell service. What a beautiful thing. No one knew where I was … which made me a little more careful on the trails, more aware of my surroundings and each careful step. A sprained ankle would be a bitch, as no one else likely had cell service either. But it was just so blessedly peaceful to only use my phone for pictures … and see the No Service smirking in the toolbar at the top.

“You couldn’t text anyone if you wanted to! So relax, enjoy the peace and quiet!”

All in all a beautiful day! There were approximately 1,843 things I should have been doing today. But I didn’t care for a second. And I don’t care now.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is ditch the to-do list and go recharge. Figure out what does it for you.

I have a few things that do it: doing something new, nature, running water, music, silence, and laughing …

All of which I did today!

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