Out for a Sunday drive

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Today I randomly went for a drive. It wasn’t planned but I’ll sure plan on doing it a lot more often.

I hit the gym this morning, ran errands after, and while I waited in the drive-thru line at Starbucks, some singer was going on and on about a back road somewhere.

I thought about the road I turn on for home and how I didn’t know what was beyond it. Because I never go that way. How boring… and I was right next to a gas station.

So I filled up the tank and headed off.

Almost immediately I questioned my decision. In the direction I was heading, the sun had disappeared behind some clouds and the sky had become hazy and it looked like it could possibly rain. It had only taken the five minutes I was at the gas station to completely change my mood.

But what was waiting for me at home? Things I should do: laundry, cleaning, bills… and then maybe a nap. No thanks.

I headed south for awhile then eventually turned left, driving for an hour and a half all told, over back country roads, through fields and farms. At one point I found myself in Lancaster, Ohio which I’ve seen signs for since I was a kid, but never visited. At least to my knowledge. It doesn’t matter that it’s a small town, it’s something new and somewhere new.

view of farm by road
That’s the attitude of discovery talking. It doesn’t really matter what you do or where you go. It matters that you get up off your ass and do something.

I was asked by someone later in the day…

“What exactly compels one to just drive?”

I’ve been thinking about that a lot since and I don’t know. I almost didn’t do it. But I’m definitely going to do it again soon and I’d highly recommend it.

Sometimes in life the simplest things are the best. I think back to being a kid and the easy fun and laughter that came from the smallest things.

As adults we need to get back to that.

So take a drive. Turn the music up and roll the windows down. If you can, go find some country roads complete with twists and turns and hills that make you yell, “Wheeeeee!” as you hurtle over the top. Laugh out loud and feel no shame when your stomach tickles from the drop afterward.

No GPS. Left, right or straight. Just go.

When it’s time to be an adult again you’ll know. And then you’ll use the GPS to get back. But you just might surprise yourself and figure out the way on your own.