Saturday in downtown Columbus

Yesterday we had beautiful 75 degree weather so I ventured out to explore downtown Columbus. I invited my mom and youngest sister along — though I often prefer to explore alone. I did warn them in the car — sort of joking, but not really — that if they “sucked” they wouldn’t be invited again. Sucking can include but is not limited to: complaining about … Continue reading Saturday in downtown Columbus

Art, wine, & beer – a simple Sunday in Columbus

I awoke Sunday morning with a random urge to get out and do something in the city. I enjoy a good museum visit from time to time so when I pulled up the Columbus Museum of Art (CMOA) website and discovered that Sundays were free, my day quickly took shape before I’d even gotten out of bed. On my way downtown I stopped for Starbucks … Continue reading Art, wine, & beer – a simple Sunday in Columbus

A week with family in Cambridge, Ontario

I spent last week in Cambridge, Ontario unexpectedly. One of my brothers and his wife and kids live there and some events going on made it an opportune time to visit. The drive from Columbus is only about 6 or 7 hours depending on the weather, traffic, and the border crossing. I had plenty of time to think on the drive up — mostly about the … Continue reading A week with family in Cambridge, Ontario

capitol building


Friday 2.24.17 On the way to Austin.I had a tough time pulling myself out of bed this morning at 5AM. I typically don’t sleep too well before a trip, especially one that starts early. I wake every few hours afraid that the 3 or 4 alarms I’ve set won’t go off and I’ll miss my flight à la Olympic runner Jean Paul in Seinfeld. No … Continue reading Austin